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Read all about how these new crates already helped bring 15 rescued wolves across state lines to safety.

The Great Crate Campaign!

Many of the animal transfer crates on our property are in need of repair. Most were purchased more than a decade ago and show the wear and tear of heavy use. Transfer crates are used to move animals between enclosures on the property or to the Health Center. These crates are also vitally important during times of emergency to move animals off-site safely. Transferring animals during the Creek Fire was a big challenge for our staff as the fire blazed around and the quality of air became more toxic.


Old Cages New Cages

It is time to update our crating system. Our Chief Veterinarian Rebecca Richard launched this initiative with her bid to race in the Los Angeles Marathon. Rebecca blew us away raising well above her targeted goal by bringing in nearly $12,000 through online and cash contributions. These funds allowed us to build the prototype models. The Suzanne Bronson Foundation also contributed $30,000 thereby cutting our goal in half. Thank you to everyone who has supported this soft start. You've given us the momentum to launch The Great Crate Campaign to raise the balance of the funds. We're aiming to raise a total of $75,000 for the safety and security of our animals.


We need to purchase 47 crates for our bears, largest cats -- lions, tigers, and medium sized animals such as baboons, mountain lions, bobcats, porcupines, coati, foxes, leopards, wolf hybrids, bobcats, pigs and others. The transfer crates are a light-weight construction design with a special low zinc metal and coated with a soy-based, non-toxic resin to allow for weathering. They are easy to move and easy to clean. The wheels are a hard plastic that's tough enough to handle our property's rugged terrain. In case of emergency, animals can remain in the transfer cage for extended periods without stress.

Building the Framework

The new crates will be staged as feeding stations at all of the enclosures and animals will be trained to load without hesitation. During emergencies, this will significantly reduce the time needed to secure animals, as well as prevent the need to anesthetize animals. This significantly reduces health risks, especially with our geriatric and special medication needs populations.

A Finished Prototype

Please help us raise the balance of the funds to purchase transfer crates. By contributing, you will make a big difference in the animals' well-being for many years. Watch our thermometer rise on our website and social media pages during the coming weeks. Please, help us raise the mercury! Please make a donation today. Thank you for your help.

Thank You!


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Chimp Bedrooms

Help Us Sleep Tight

Our current chimp bedroom facilities are showing wear and tear after so many years of use. These need to be replaced within the coming months while the weather is warm. Winter is very cold in the mountains and the chimps will not have access to the bedrooms during construction. The cost is approximately $60,000 to build two bedrooms with a heated concrete floor.