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Thank you!

It has been an extraordinary year at Wildlife Waystation. There are not enough ways to offer our thanks for all you’ve provided as a donor and a friend. We are genuinely grateful each and every day for the support we receive from our donors.

Take a look at what you helped accomplish

The Evacuation Plan

Chimpanzee Evacuation Tunnel The past year started with the Creek Fire. The rain began thereafter and its debris flooded our hillsides and creek beds. We immediately launched campaigns to support our emergency evacuation plans. Thanks to you – we now have 47 new transfer crates so that we can move lions, tigers, bears, wolves and dozens of other animals off the ranch with greater security and significantly reduced stress.

We’re putting the final touches on the new evacuation tunnel for our 42 chimps. Thank you for making this possible. The aerial tunnel runs through the center of the chimpanzee village allowing the chimps to be evacuated safely and quickly – without sedation – to trucks and trailers readied for departure.

The Health Center

State of the art equipment: Anesthesia Machine Thanks to you, we have an excellent veterinary team. It handles dozens of procedures and surgeries every year, manages medications and overseas the day-to-day care of nearly 500 animals. Our vets have built strong relationships with experts from far and wide who volunteer their time and expertise to assist on Dental Day and Equine Day and for specialized dermatology and chiropractic and acupuncture services. Each animal benefits from their expertise and experience.

Thanks to you, we were able to secure two critically important pieces of medical equipment this year – a multi parameter monitor and a new anesthesia machine. These devices must work without fail for every animal from our largest grizzly bear to our tiniest parakeet.

This year, our vets also partnered with the Smithsonian Conservation Biology Institute on two studies for wolves and mountain lions. These studies support understanding endangered and threatened populations allowing for improved conservation.

New Animals

Wolves find a home at Wildlife Waystation In 42 years, we’ve rescued more than 77,000 animals. This year, in addition to dozens of small animals such as hedgehogs, snakes, a groundhog, tortoises, birds and opossum, we also received numerous large animals. Thanks to you, we had the ability to rescue 15 wolves from slaughter for their fur, and we received three tigers, two lions, one mountain lion, two capuchins, two bears, two servals, one cougar, and three chimpanzees.

New Facilities

Thank you Aquascape Construction! And thanks to all the contractors from around the country that built a wetland filtration system for our large pond. Our animals now enjoy healthier, cleaner water. We are already benefiting from the savings.

Our chimpanzees have two new bedrooms. Thanks to you, we were able to demolish two tattered, small buildings and construct two new bedrooms with re-enforced walls, fencing and heated flooring to keep our chimps warm throughout the cold winter nights.

Our 100 year old alligator snapping turtle, Hoss, moved into his new pond this year thanks to you. We were also able to renovate an enclosure fit for a new resident 550 pound grizzly bear, construct a new fox enclosure for red foxes Tequila & Whiskey and expand into an entirely new area on the property for a run for our wolves.

Improved Enrichment for Animals and Capacity Building for Staff

Our animals need enrichment for their welfare. Enrichment helps to mimic behaviors that are needed in the wild, but limited in captivity. Thank you for supporting the enrichment activities. While we rely on our amazing volunteer teams to create enrichment for most of our animals, it is because of you, we can employ dedicated enrichment staff for our chimps. Enrichment needs are incredibly complex. It requires materials and knowledge to create activities that challenge them to keep them mentally healthy.

Thanks to you, all of our animal keepers are now enrolled in a training program from the San Diego Zoo Global Academy. This program is developed for institutions like Wildlife Waystation to improve keeper education and improve opportunities in animal management, behavioral management, operate conditioning and nutrition.

Renewed Outreach to the Community

We’ve renewed our Outreach Program with dedicated staff. We offer traveling educational programs for schools, civic groups and other organizations. Several ambassador animals are being taken off ranch to help teach the message of coexistence with wildlife and conservation. Thanks to you, we can afford this!

We Offer Hope

Wildlife Waystation is an incredibly special place. The animals are healthy and loved, and there is a feeling of serenity here that is hard to find in a fast-paced world. But, perhaps most of all, Wildlife Waystation offers hope. Hope for our rescued animals for comfortable lives. Hope for you as individuals who help to make their care possible. And, hope for a brighter future for conservation around the world. Wildlife Waystation is more than animals that call it home, but it is a place that has offered residence for generations of animals, making the world a better place.