Recent Rains Bring Floods of Damage

Weathering the Storm

The ranch has taken a beating through this year’s rainy season. We’ve lost the road to our back 40 acres where horses and bison live. Support walls for the llama’s enclosures in the petting zoo were washed away rendering the areas unusable. A walk bridge, the only access to the animal areas when our creek is running high, is compromised. There has been substantial damage to all of our internal roadways that will require asphalt repairs and repaving. Many areas around the 160 acres of property will require hemp sandbagging and rock basket walls for reinforcing areas that have been washed away. We are still assessing the damage as the rainy season continues. We will know more in the weeks ahead as we investigate costs of repairs.

Common unwanted wildlife issues

In Memorium

In Loving Memory

Thank you to the life-long donors who have been long-time supporters of Wildlife Waystation. We will always remember you.

Honoring our Supporters

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