Community Events

Wildlife Waystation attends community events throughout Southern California. Volunteers and some of our animals help convey ways to co-exist with native California wildlife, why exotic animals do not make good pets, as well as the status of animal species in the wild. Literature and interpretive materials are also available.

If you would like to request that animals be present at our exhibitor's booth, please take the following points into consideration:

  • The earliest we can leave our facility is 9am. If this doesn't allow sufficient time for us to reach your location, due to distance and drive-time, we may not be able to offer our outreach presentation.
  • If there are other animals at your event space they must not be within the proximity of our animals. They must be relocated or you may not qualify to book us.

General program pricing applies when animals are included at an exhibitor's booth. General program pricing: $250 for educational programs. Pricing for large groups is negotiable.

To inquire about scheduling Wildlife Waystation for your next event, please fill out the community event request form or contact Deanna Armbruster at deanna/at/