Baby Lions Naming Contest

A Sweet Surprise.

At Wildlife Waystation, we have a strict non-breeding policy, but sometimes nature holds a surprise in her hands. Tangassi, one of our younger male lions, was taken in with the understanding that he had already been through a vasectomy. After a number of years at Wildlife Waystation, he was paired up with Gypsy for companionship and we all got a surprise. Three lion cubs - two girls and one boy - were born September 14. The triplets are being raised by their mother, and Tangassi is in the adjacent enclosure to keep their family bond strong.

"No one was more surprised than we were, we take great precautions to spay and neuter our animals as necessary."

Help Us Name Our Lion Cubs!

They are healthy, adorable, playful, and everything baby lions should be, but what do we call them?

~ Baby Lion Naming Contest ~

Donate to enter a name of your choosing 
Only $10 per entry and you can be a part of Wildlife Waystation's history!

Anyone can submit a name for consideration with a $10.00 donation for each submission. There is no limit to the number of submissions.

To make a donation and submit a name:

  1. Go to our Donation Page
  2. Enter the amount you wish to donate
  3. Click "Yes" for "Are there any other considerations for this donation?"
  4. Write your submission in the text field

The winners of the naming contest will be invited with one guest to visit Wildlife Waystation, enjoy a luncheon, and tour the sanctuary. A plaque with the winners' names will be placed on the cubs' enclosure. A professional photo of the lion cub will also be provided. Winners, and the selected cub names, will be announced on April 30, Martine Colette's 76th birthday.

"Aww" Inspiring Media

Need some naming inspiration? Take a look at these beautiful faces having fun and exploring the world.


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