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Education is a big part of the Wildlife Waystation’s mission. Our children’s educational programs are intended to extend beyond the classroom. Explore the animal topics below for additional information and wildlife related activities! Lesson plans are available to download for students, teachers and anyone interested in learning more about the wild and exotic animals who are residents at our sanctuary.

Wildlife Waystation Animal Activities and Lesson Plans

Meet Chloe, our new Black Bear! She lost her mom and could not be left alone in the wild. Now she has a forever home here at the Wildlife Waystation

Black bear fun fact: In the wild, a bear can survive during winter hibernation without food for up to seven months!

PDF Black Bear Facts / PDF Bear Project

Meet Rocco and Domino, two of our new hyenas! Five spotted hyenas came to the Waystation after participating in an animal behavior study at Berkeley University that was completed after 30 years of research.

Hyena fun fact: A hyena’s jaws are 40% more powerful than that of a leopard!

PDF Hyena Lesson Plan

Meet Sax, the black and white ruffed lemur! Sax is a very playful lemur who loves to go on walks and go to her special play area to jump and leap from poles to ropes.

Lemur fun fact: The inhabitants of Madagascar once believed black and white ruffed lemurs worshiped the sun because they often sunbathe.

PDF Lemur Lesson plan / PDF Sax Mask

Meet Tumbleweed, the Great Horned Owl! He came to the Waystation after he had been found with one broken wing, another wing injured and a dislocated shoulder. He could not survive on his own, so he became a permanent resident.

Owl fun fact: Owls are colorblind, only seeing in shades of black and white. Their eyesight is much better at night, approximately 100 times better than a human!

PDF GHO Lesson Plan / PDF Tumbleweed mask

Meet our rabbits…too many to name! They also have an enrichment team that brings them trays of special treats.

Rabbit fun fact: Rabbits inhabit every continent but Antarctica and can run up to 35 miles per hour.

PDF Rabbit Lesson Plan / PDF Rabbit-Hop-Game

Meet Bubba, the Hamadryas baboon! He is 17 years old and lives with a female, Chloe. When visitors come to his enclosure, he typically says hello with a loud series of grunts.

Baboon fun fact: Hamadryas baboons are the only non-human primates found in the Middle East.

PDF Baboon Lesson Plan / PDF Bubba Mask

Meet Zulu, a Grant’s zebra. He has been at the Waystation for almost 20 years! Zulu loves fresh apples as a snack and is very popular with staff and volunteers alike.

Zebra fun fact: The zebra looks like a small horse but it barks instead of neighs. Every zebra’s stripe pattern is different, just like human fingerprints, no two are alike!

PDF Zebra project

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Educational PDF’s created by Carla Rohde Robinson