Virtual Sponsorship Wall

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Become a Sponsor and connect with our animals in a personal way. Your support will go toward food, veterinary care and enrichment.

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Our animal sponsors are very important to us as they provide significant funds for the annual care of many of our animals.

We would like to thank and acknowledge the following people for their generous annual contributions in support of our animals.

Benefactor Sponsors

  • Glenda Behune
  • William Hadley

Patron Sponsors

  • John and Amy Peer

Champion Sponsors

  • Christina Lau
  • John and Phyllis Morris

Guardian Sponsors

  • Fred Dyer
  • Jean Nunez
  • Marilunn Pagano-Smith
  • Norman Stabeck
  • Sherry and Stephen Titlow
  • Roger Williams

Angel Sponsors

  • Tawney Anderson
  • Rhea Damon
  • Ronald Gauthier
  • Margot Lane
  • Glen and Linda Larnerd
  • Joan Maguire
  • Diana Thater

Friend Sponsors

  • Gail Boyd
  • Terry Dallas
  • Faith Gonzales
  • Debbie and Larry Heimgartner
  • Janice Modin
  • Katherine Ochsman
  • Adrianne and Adam Wolkov
  • Dixie Wyborney

Supporter Sponsors

  • Jennifer Buckner
  • Jean Cassidy
  • Stephanie Elledge
  • Haley Finney
  • Mary Dalrymple
  • Colleen Harkins
  • Andrea Kelly
  • Mary Kenyon
  • Barbara Kleinbauer
  • Randolph Kuhn
  • Elizabeth Lopez
  • McKinnon's Kilts
  • John and Patricia Maguire
  • Russ McNiff
  • Parker McPhinney
  • Marilyn Michaels
  • Kathryn Ratte
  • Eileen Rosenfield
  • Kiran and William Samuels
  • Kenny Sommer
  • David Stock
  • Karl Strauss and Janet Norwood-Strauss
  • Stephen Younger

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There are opportunities to attend or book a private gathering in the sanctuary garden of our founder, Martine Colette. For detailed information, please call (818) 899-5201