Great Apes Giving Day 2017

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October 17 is Giving Day for Apes


Giving Day for Apes is a ONE DAY global day of giving to raise awareness and funds to support qualified sanctuaries and rescue centers providing for long term care and/or rehabilitation of great apes and gibbons throughout Africa, Asia and North America. Great Apes Giving Day is hosted by The Arcus Foundation, in partnership with the Global Federation of Animal Sanctuaries (GFAS).


Wildlife Waystation is excited to be a part of this Global day of awareness for Great Apes and fundraising to help fund forever homes, care and enrichment for our 40 chimps!


Fun Incentives!
One of the most powerful aspects of giving days is the ability to incentivise participation and reward success. In addition to organizations keeping funds raised from individual donations, prizes will be awarded. Most money raised by North American sanctuaries in 24 hours: 1st, 2nd & 3rd place prizes
  • Most unique donors by any organization in 24 hours: 1st, 2nd and 3rd place prizes
  • Most raised by smaller sanctuaries: 1st, 2nd and 3rd place prizes
  • Most raised by an individual (peer-to-peer) fundraiser: 1st, 2nd and 3rd place prizes to the top performing organizations in each of several incentivized leaderboards, including:
Additional Incentives
Golden Tickets - one (1) random donation is matched each hour with an amount of $100 (24 hours = $2,400 total) as a matching gift to donor-chosen organization. Golden tickets are randomly drawn on the hour, and any sanctuary that received a donation in the previous hour is eligible to win.
*Organizations will be limited to no more than 3 golden ticket wins during the day.


  • Raise awareness and funds for sanctuaries and rescue centers caring for great apes and gibbons. Increase awareness of the plight of great apes
  • Raise more than $300,000 in donations directly to participating sanctuaries and rescue centers
  • Mobilize 2,000 individual donors to give, increasing future donor prospects for participating great apes and gibbon welfare sanctuaries and rescue centers
  • Mobilize 1,000 social media users to engage with and post about the campaign
  • Mobilize 2,000 mentions on Twitter, utilizing the campaign’s hashtag #GreatApesGivingDay
  • Reach 5 million social media users via campaign messaging


Fundraising begins on October 3, leading up to a 24-hour Giving Day on October 17, during which competitive “leaderboards”—or scorecards—will be activated, showing all donations received to date. The live 24-hour competitive giving day will begin at 12 midnight and end promptly at 11:59 PM, Eastern Standard Time (9PM-8:59PM PST)
Donations may be made from October 3 through the Giving Day on October 17, and all donations will count toward the competitive leaderboards that determine award winners. The Leaderboards will not go live until the actual giving day, October 17.
When competitive “leaderboards”—or scorecards—are activated, donors can compete to give and fundraise among others to gain $40,000 in additional funds for the organizations of their choice.
Wildlife Waystation along with other approved sanctuaries and rescue centers from Africa, Asia, and North America will host individual fundraising pages to promote our cause:
All funds contributed by individuals to the nonprofit organizations of their choice between October 3 and October 17 will count toward Giving Day incentive awards.
Additionally, supporters can create personal fundraisers on behalf of a participating organization and help it gain donations and win additional awards.
You can fundraise for Wildlife Waystation Chimps!
You can be a hero for Wildlife Waystation by visiting the fundraising page
and clicking “Fundraise” to start the page-creation process. (Please note that to create an individual fundraising page, you will be prompted to sign in to your Razoo user account or create one if you don’t already have an account.)
All donations are tax-deductible and non-refundable. Donors will receive a receipt for their gift. The nonprofit will receive contact information for each donor, unless the donor elects to remain anonymous.
The Razoo Foundation, a 501(c)3 tax-exempt organization, will regrant all funds raised to the nonprofits selected by the donors.



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