The company Aquascape Construction focuses on creating an ecosystem where the water features rely on a natural balance between fish, plants, aeration, filtration rocks and gravel to ensure sustainability. The company has built ponds and water features at parks, zoos, corporations and large residential facilities throughout the country.

We are thrilled that Aquascape has generously donated reconstruction to our pond’s filtration system including design, parts and labor. During three days in June, dozens of contractors were on site to install a large Wetland Filtration System for Wildlife Waystation’s Waterfowl Habitat, which will allow for cleaner water and less water usage.

Check out the beautiful plants in our wetlands filter.



Take a look at this beautiful, clear water all of our waterfowl can enjoy with the new, easily maintained, filtration system.



The Waterfowl Habitat is the true "Waystation" for native migratory waterfowl – a place to stopover for rest and nourishment before continuing on their migratory route. This pond is home to a few dozen rescued ducks, swans and geese. However, the majority of the birds are guests in this open-air habitat and can come and go as they please. The population grows substantially every morning in time for breakfast. This habitat is more important than ever with the destruction of the majority of American’s wetlands.


Check out Aquascape’s recruiting video for certified contractors to join the building team:

And this exciting video by Greg Wittstock, The Pond Guy: