45 Million tiny steps for us, one Giant step for Wildlife Waystation

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Wildlife Waystation's Walk-less Walk-A-Thon!

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A walk-less walk-a-thon? What is that?

We're glad you asked. We've had a lot of questions about the Walk for Wildlife. We're hoping to clear up some questions and encourage more folks to join to raise awareness and funds for Wildlife Waystation.

You can chose to walk or choose to watch, but either way benefits Wildlife Waystation.


What is the Walk for Wildlife?

The Walk for Wildlife is a walkathon (that doesn't even require you to walk). It will take place in January. People from all over the world will walk as much as they want and work to raise funds for Wildlife Waystation.

Wait? I don't have to walk. So, how do I participate?

There are a few ways:

  1. Sign up and walk as an individual or as part of a team. Make it fun, set goals, & compete! Or....
  2. Sign up. Don't even worry about the walking and set a fundraising goal.
What if I just want to donate?

You can do that. Pick an individual or a team from the participant list and make a donation of any amount.

You can find a list or participants here: https://www.charityfootprints.com/wildlife/ (scroll down)

How do I raise the funds?

Share it with family and friends. Ask them to give a small amount.

Ask local businesses for contributions.

This isn't a traditional walk. You don't have to get pledges per miles walked. Just set a dollar goal and try to reach it.

Why is Wildlife Waystation hosting this campaign?

We need a new (used!) water truck. We don't have access to running water. Our water is trucked five miles up a mountain many times each day. We urgently need a 2500 gallon, used, diesel, midsize truck with a water tank.

So, what's the deal with 10,000 steps a day? Can I set my own goal?

This is for those people who are really into the walking aspect of the walkathon. But, you can set a goal for any number of steps/miles.

Do I have to raise $250? That sounds like a lot.

No. You can set a goal for any amount ($25 or even $25,000!) Every amount helps.

Do I really have to walk every day?

No. It is just for fun if you want to try to reach goals.

What happens if I don't meet my goals?

Whatever you raise will benefit Wildlife Waystation. There are no penalties. You did your best and we appreciate it. The goals are just for fun.

Why is this walk taking place over one month?

Life is busy. We want to make sure everyone has a chance to join.

Can I track my progress?

There is a really cool virtual map of the United States that tracks steps in real time. It is posted at: https://www.charityfootprints.com/wildlife/ (scroll down)

For those folks who are competing in the walking aspect of this event, they can watch their progress on the map and see the competition unfold between individuals and teams.

Why should I do this?

We really need support. Its a fun way to raise awareness and funding for a much needed water truck for our animals' health and well-being.

Ok, this could be fun. How do I register?

Click here www.charityfootprints.com/wildlife/and sign up

Interested in the walking part? Keep Reading...

Can I join with a friend?

Absolutely! You can sign up as a team. Each person inside the team will be responsible for their own registration fee, but the group as a whole can name the team and set their team's fundraising goal.

How can I track my steps?

When you sign up, there will be instructions on how to use your Fitbit device or download the easy Charity Footprints App for use on any phone. They will track everything for you, no need to report.

When will my steps start getting counted?

January 1st through the 31st, all of the steps you take - whether it’s a marathon race or a trip to the fridge - will be counted towards your goal.

Is it a competition?

You can check the leaderboards and the virtual map daily and see who is ahead in the walk. It is as much of a competition as you want to make it.

Are there any prizes along the way?

Shh....we have some fun incentives planned for every week in January. Free tours, memberships, hoodies, etc. We'll announce the incentives on Mondays during January.