45 Million tiny steps for us, one Giant step for Wildlife Waystation

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This is a great opportunity to be up close, but not “too” personal, with our animals!

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The Exciting Walk-a-thon!

Join us for Wildlife Waystation’s first ever virtual race. During the month of January, Wildlife Waystation is launching a fun and exciting fitness campaign to raise funds, so lace up your shoes and burn off those holiday calories while helping Wildlife Waystation!

Register as an individual or a team. Registration also makes a great Holiday gift for a conscientious friend! We’re aiming to lap the virtual map of the continental United States 2.5 times.

You can watch leaderboards, compete with other teams, see your own progress through the month via your Fitbit or the Charity Footprints app on your telephone linked to the virtual race platform.


  • How do I register?

    Registration will open December 15th and no earlier. When registration is open, the link on our home page will take you to Charity Footprints. From there, fill out your Team information and sign up.

  • Is there a fee?

    Yes. The fee to register for the race is $30. Current Members of Wildlife Waystation save $5 on registration!

  • Can I join with a friend?

    Absolutely! You can sign up as a team of 1 to 4 people. Each person inside the team will be responsible for their own registration fee, but the group as a whole can set their team fundraising goal.

  • How can I track my steps?

    Use your Fitbit device or download the easy charity footprints app. They will track everything for you, no need to report.

  • When will my steps start getting counted?

    January 1st through the 31st, all of the steps you take - whether it’s a marathon race or a trip to the fridge - will be counted towards your goal.

  • What am I walking for?

    we are raising funds to go towards a much-needed water truck. Wildlife Waystation does not have access to running water on or near the property. Our water needs to be trucked five miles up the mountain multiple times a day to meet our daily usage. We depend upon our water trucks to keep our animals hydrated and keep our facility clean!

Corporate sponsorship!

If you're interested in becoming a corporate sponsor, there are some excellent benefits to helping support us. Download this form and send back it back along with the assets necessary.