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The Wildlife Waystation attended the Conejo Valley Days Fair for the first time this past Mother’s Day weekend.  The first day, we took Tumbleweed, a Great Horned Owl, Shilo, a bobcat, Banana, a giant Burmese python, Tank, a desert tortoise and Al, an albino hedgehog!  We had lots of people stop and check out our critters, and allowed photo-ops with Banana and Tank, they were big hits with everyone, especially the kids!!!


On Sunday, we took Rowdy, a Capuchin monkey, Basil, a goat, Fang, a ferret and Pebbles, an opossum.  All of the kids had a great time posing for pictures and feeding Basil, and Rowdy was a real crowd pleaser, he had a lot of people asking questions about him and many couldn’t stay away, they kept coming back to watch his antics!  Our volunteers did a wonderful job of talking to the people about how wild animals do not make good pets, and educating them about coexisting peacefully with them!


A big thanks goes out to the Conejo Valley Days organizers for inviting us!