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Physical Characteristics

Siberian tigers differ from other tigers because they have fewer, paler stripes, and they also have manes. They are the world’s largest cats, with males weighing up to 700 pounds and measuring 11 feet from head to tail.

Habitat & Diet

They live in the eastern forests of Russia, a far harsher climate than their jungle dwelling cousins. Their habitat is extremely remote and far enough away from human development that the small population that exists in the wild is stable. They are carnivores that consist off of large mammals.

Social Behavior

Tigers are solitary with the Siberian tiger being more than most. Due to their small population and the harsh climate of their wintery home, Siberians have the largest range of any tiger subspecies. They roam for miles in search of food. The remoteness of their habitat means they have far less encounters with humans than other tigers, which has greatly helped stabilize the wild population.


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Fascinating Facts

    • Also known as Amur tigers, Siberian tigers on average run about 12.4 miles a day – which is roughly the equivalent of running a half-marathon every day for us humans!
    • In rare instances, some male Siberians living in captivity have reached weight exceeding 1,000 pounds!

Status In The Wild

Although they are Endangered, the Siberian tiger population has rebounded from the brink of extinction. In the 1940s there were only 40 left in existence. Thanks to conservation efforts and the remoteness of their habitat, there are now 500 estimated in the wild. Though still only a handful, their numbers have stabilized and could continue to climb with the help of continued anti-poaching measures and international efforts to preserve their habitat.

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