Lemur, Black and White Ruffed

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Physical Characteristics

Black and White Ruffed lemurs are 4 feet in length, including their tail, and usually weigh 8 to 10 lbs. The “ruffed” part of their name comes from the long hair around their neck that forms a ruff around their face.Their ears are tufted and they have a long muzzle and a very long tail that they use to climb and move around in the treetops.


Lemurs live mostly in trees and are excellent climbers and jumpers. They are spread throughout Madagascar, but their exact distribution is poorly known.Lemurs love to eat fruit but will also snack on plants and flowers.

Social Behavior

Lemurs are most active during the day and they live in large social groups with the females in charge.Lemurs’ gestation time is three months and they build nests for their young. Lemurs will rub their “scent mark” on branches and plants as a way to communicate with others.


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Fascinating Facts

    • In Latin, the term lemur means “ghost” because the first people to hear their loud calls thought they were sounds from ghosts.
    • These lemurs can live up to 36 years!
    • Black and White Ruffed Lemurs are the largest living members of the Lemur family.
    • They are the only primates that build a nest for their young.
    • They live in the North Eastern Evergreen forest in Madagascar.

Status In The Wild

Black and White Ruffed Lemurs are critically endangered mainly because of habitat loss and deforestation but they thrive in captivity, making it possible for re-introduction into the wild.

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