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Physical Characteristics

The Lamancha or LaMancha is a type of dairy goat easily spotted for its apparent lack of, or much reduced, external ears but otherwise share all the traits of a standard dairy goat. The LaMancha breed is medium in size. They have become extremely popular on farms in the last 50 years due to their high milk yield and manageable size. They are the only breed of goat developed in the United States to be a dairy goat.

Habitat & Diet

LaMancha goats live in herds and eat hay and grains.

Social Behavior

They are herd animals, and are known for their calm, quiet and gentle nature.


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Fascinating Facts

    • Many people think LaMancha goats ears were cut off, but they are born that way!
    • Their milk is higher in minerals and lower in cholesterol than cows.

Status In The Wild

LaMancha Goats are domesticated and do not live in the wild.

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