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Physical Characteristics

Similar in appearance to common house cats, jungle cats have fur that ranges from sandy brown to grey to tawny red. They have long, slender legs and a shorter tail.

Habitat & Diet

Despite the name, jungle cats are actually more often found in the dense vegetation that surrounds wetlands. Their range stretches from the Nile all the way across India into Southeast Asia. Their preferred food is small rodents, but they also prey on birds and fish. They are adept swimmers and don’t shy away from water if it means a meal!

Social Behavior

They are solitary hunters that prefer to stalk in the high reeds solo rather than roam in a pack. The females will give birth to a litter of up to 6 kittens in hollowed out trees, or any place with enough thick vegetation to protect the young ones from predators.


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Fascinating Facts

    • Although they are usually found in low wetlands, jungle cats have been sighted in the Himalayas at elevations over 2,400 feet above sea level!

Status In The Wild

Though they are classified as Least Concern, in some parts of their range like Egypt, habitat destruction has their numbers in a sharp decline. They have stable populations in remote wetland areas.

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