Zahara the Fox

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About Zahara the Fox

Zahara’s name fits her personality well – as she seems to believe she is a glamorous Queen of the Desert! She enjoys eating much more than it appears her small kit fox figure would allow. But like all kit foxes, her high energy burns off the calories quickly! Zahara eats fast, runs fast and leaps high with a level of grace and agility that we can only envy. Living up to her species, she tries to “out-fox” her handlers. She will watch for just the right moment when she thinks we are not watching, and then with lightning speed she will try to snatch an extra treat!

Zahara has her own rules when it comes to her meals, preferring to separate each type of food in her bowl into individual courses. First she eats meat, then her chow, and she finishes off her meals with fruit for dessert. She will also bury a few leftovers for late night snacks - smart girl!

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