Serena the Serval Cat

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About Serena the Serval Cat

We continued to be amazed at some of the ways animals come to the Waystation. Serena was brought to us in a baby stroller – the kind that is completely enclosed, but a serval in a stroller? Her owner could no longer keep her, so of course we agreed to give her a permanent home and a chance to be a serval. When she arrived she spent a lot to time in her den, but in a short period of time, she started to spend more time on the ground and began to master early enrichment items.

Serena is a somewhat picky eater – her preferences are chicken, turkey and white fish. She is also fond of cilantro and lemon grass! And she likes to grab little goodie bags from high on the fence and explore enrichment boxes. Quite beautiful, Serena thoroughly enjoys grooming and spending time in the California sun!

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