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About Mungar the Tiger

It seems Mungar entered the world predestined for problems. We are not sure of his health at the time he was born, but it appears he may already have had health issues. If true, he would have been deserving of special care, instead this young cub became part of a roadside attraction. There, little Mungar was held by countless strangers, who paid to have their picture taken with a baby tiger.

By four months of age, he was considered too big for photo ops. So his career, making money for the road side attraction ended and the Wildlife Waystation eagerly agreed to provide this young tiger with a permanent home.

Once at the Waystation, we learned the extent of Mungar’s health issues. He was blind in one eye and had only partial vision in the other. He is missing the optic nerve in his blind eye so surgery is not an option. He has a malocclusion which periodically requires dental attention. He also has metabolic issues and his pads on his feet are very thin so he cannot spend too much time on dirt. Consequently, Mungar’s enclosure features “hardwood floors!”

Since his arrival in 2005, we have provided everything Mungar has needed including feeding him three times a day. After a very rocky start, Mungar has been enjoying a great life at the Wildlife Waystation and we all enjoy having him here.

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