Miss Montana the Grizzly

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About Miss Montana the Grizzly

Miss Montana, and her sister Miss America, were around 5 months old when their lives changed suddenly and forever. In 1995, we received a call from Montana Fish and Wildlife. A mother grizzly was late going into hibernation and happened upon a rancher. They were both startled, but the rancher had a gun and killed the bear. To his credit, he realized this bear had cubs and went to find them. The two cubs could not have survived on their own and the Waystation was asked to take them.

The “Grizzly Girls” have grown into beautiful adults who live together in a wonderful enclosure with a large pool. They enjoy swimming, playing with big boomer balls and special treats - especially Christmas trees! Grizzly bears can live for 45 years in captivity, so these two will be here for many years to come.

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