Hatari the Eagle

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About Hatari the Eagle

Hatari was an immature aludt when she was found in Los Oso with a severe wing injury and was brought to a rehab in San Luis Obispo. It was unclear whether she had been the victim of a gunshot, had flown into a power line or experienced some other misfortune. Sadly, this beautiful raptor could no longer fly and live free. Her wing had to be amputated, which meant the Waystation was to be Hatari’s permanent home!

Hatari quickly adapted to a life with one wing, and her enclosure was customized to allow her to move around easily. She also became one of our Animal Ambassadors and has attended many events to illustrate the dangers that our native wild animals encounter.

The average lifespan of a Golden Eagle in the wild is 28-30 years; in captivity, they can live for as long as 60+ years. Hatari came to us in 1991 – so she should be here for some time to come!

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