Shauri Ya Mungu (Sha-Sha)

About Shauri Ya Mungu (Sha-Sha)

Shauri Ya Mungu, affectionately called Sha Sha, is one of two chimpanzees born at the Wildlife Waystation. Both were the result of failed vasectomies, which have occurred at other chimpanzee sanctuaries as well. No one even knew that her mother, Alexis, who came from LEMSIP, was pregnant until the baby was discovered one November morning in 1999. Because Alexis had been taken from her mother when she was born, she had no knowledge about how to care for an infant. So, the Waystation had no choice but to remove this infant chimp. Sha Sha would spend her first years being raised by Martine and a select group of trained volunteers. In these early years, she got plenty of attention and was allowed to play with her “big brother”, Mystery, who had also been cared for by Martine when he arrived. Eventually she was old enough to be moved in with a chimp family of her own.

Although Sha Sha is the youngest chimp in her group, she has always been able to stand up for herself and often bosses around even the biggest males in her group. She has special relationships with all of the chimps, but in particular with Sabina and Maude. Although her life is much different now than how it began, Sha Sha loves to write and paint, look at books and magazines which she carries around for hours, wash her hands with soap and water, and from time to time – try on clothes. She also enjoys pulling apart bamboo, opening enrichment boxes, and can even understand three languages — English, Spanish and of course – Chimp!