About Mystery

Mystery was the result of an accidental pregnancy at LEMSIP. All breeding had stopped at LEMSIP, so no one knew about this pregnancy until an employee, following a sound, found this newborn lying on the bottom of the cage. His mother was known as a “baby killer,” so he immediately shifted the mom and rescued this defenseless baby. For the next four months, Dr. Mahoney, a veterinarian at LEMSIP, his daughter, and others cared for Mystery. But LEMSIP was closing and time was running out. Dr. Mahoney had Martine’s commitment to take all the young chimps. Four month old Mystery was on the list, but too young to make the trip by truck so Dr. Mahoney and Mystery flew commercially from New York to California. When they arrived Mystery flung himself into Martine’s arms! From that day, Mystery, and other chimps, ranging in age from 6 months to 1 year, were primarily raised by Martine, with the assistance of several staff. Eventually, Mystery and these others became a group of their own.

Today, Mystery lives in our largest chimpanzee group with some of the young chimps that came with him in 1996. Mystery enjoys snuggling with blankets and scoots around on them – just for fun. He enjoys fresh fruits and vegetables, nuts and seeds, and loves Red Vines and the banana nut bread he gets on special occasions.