About Lucky

Lucky was born at LEMSIP in November 1991. Although Lucky had the misfortune to be born in a research facility, she was also lucky as she was a twin and
the only one to survive (twin births are rare). In a lab, chimpanzees used as “breeders” typically give birth once a year and their infants are taken
from them. Since they are not nursing, the mother chimpanzees can get pregnant again within the year. Lucky’s mother produced three other chimps who
were also sent to the Waystation.
Today, Lucky spends most of her time playing and grooming with Cy, her brother and two other chimps. She is a beautiful dark, black-colored chimp and she
looks a lot like her bother. Lucky loves to chew gum, groom her family members in the morning sun, and watch nature programs on a television or iPad
for enrichment. She is a very smart and curious chimp, and a valued asset to her group.