About Jeffrey

Jeff was born in 1975 and by the time he was 15 months old he went to live with his second owner. He was housed with other chimps and was “trained” for educational programs, as well as some movie and television work. In 1985, Jeff was one of the first chimps to come to the Waystation and lived with Charlie Chuckles. Eventually, Jeff joined a larger group in a new chimpanzee housing area. All went along “as expected” until we learned that Jeff had become a father! From time to time these births occur at chimp sanctuaries – the result of failed vasectomies. His offspring, Magic, was born in 2004.

Today Jeff (after a second vasectomy) has given up fatherhood for art as he loves to paint! He also likes to open presents and nap in the morning sun. Jeff is a great communicator with other chimpanzees and our animal caregivers. If he sees something he wants outside of his enclosure, he will get their attention, point to it and vocalize that he wants it. Jeff has a unique vocalization that echoes throughout the sanctuary– unique because it sounds like an elephant! Jeff always has a smile on his face, will wave hello and goodbye, and is always eager to please. He is one of our oldest, sweetest chimpanzees at the Waystation and a favorite of the staff.