About Cy

Cy was born in LEMSIP in 1990. He arrived at the Waystation in 1996 and was initially housed with Rayne and his half-sister, Lucky. While together, the trio was taught body part identification in exchange for treats. This is important because if a chimp gets sick it allows our veterinarians to administer meds, like insulin, or draw blood without anesthesia. Cy was always quick to pick up commands and was an exemplary pupil!

A few years later, when new enclosures were built for the chimps, the group got bigger when three other chimps were added. All of the chimps seemed to get along famously and still live together to this day. Cy was initially the dominant male of the group, but eventually two other chimps began taking turns asserting this role, which seemed fine with Cy.

Chimpanzees often have the same health issues as humans, and a few years ago Cy developed a heart condition. With medication, Cy is doing well. He knows his daily routine and has come to expect warm oatmeal or a popsicle in exchange for taking his meds. His sister, Lucky, keeps him company when this happens, hoping to get a treat for herself, but we like to think perhaps it is for moral support! Cy is very bonded with his chimpanzee family, but loves his animal care takers as well. He is another staff favorite. Always eager to please, Cy has a very gentle demeanor that we all love.