Creek Fire

Creek Fire Burns Through the Ranch and Forces An Evacuation

We want to extend a very heartfelt THANK YOU!! to all of the fire crews, law enforcement, staff, and volunteers who helped us through this emergency which occurred on 12/4-12/8.  We were given very little time to react as this fire moved very quickly through the canyon.  This time fire did enter the property and burned many of the hillsides, but through the huge efforts of everyone involved, no major structures were lost.  More importantly, no people or animals were hurt.  We were very very lucky. 

Now that our animals have returned to the site, a huge effort is underway to clean and removed debris caused by the fire.  As of January 5th, we are still recovering from the damage and to this date we still have no phones or internet connectivity.

We are incurring a great deal of cost with this emergency.  Staff was onsite 24x7 during the height of the emergency, and we did have some roofs blown off and corrals burned.  If you can help with a donation, it will be greatly apreciated.


Click on the pictures in the galleries below to get some idea of what occurred during this disaster.

 Creek Fire Photo Gallery 

These are various photographs of the fire as it approached and burned through sections of the ranch.