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Unique Collector Pieces

Wildlife Waystation is the largest sanctuary for chimpanzees in the Western United States with over 40 residents.  Each one has a very distinct personality, with their own likes and dislikes.  Many chimps over the years loved to draw and Wildlife Waystation is now offering prints from selected chimpanzee artists in limited quantities. Proceeds from these sales will go directly to the care, feeding, and love provided to the entire colony. These one-of-a-kind and truly special art pieces make perfect gifts and unique additions to anyone's home. 

~ One print for $50 ~ Two prints for $75 ~ Three prints for $100 ~

Prints are 11"x14" on thick canvas-textured paper
Shipping and handling is $8.00

Please call us at 818-899-5201 or email to order.


Our Resident Chimpanzee Artists


Sammy is an amazing story of triumph and recovery for the Wildlife Waystation. Arriving from research laboratories in the mid-1990s, he was fearful & deeply troubled. It took many years of dedicated care & compassion, but slowly the Wildlife Waystation Keepers were able to work with Sammy so that he could live a happy life – eventually joining a family of other chimpanzees. While Sammy has since passed, once he understood that he was safe & cared for – he enjoyed many contented years and lived well into his 30’s.





Terry is in his mid-30’s and is a very mellow & gentle chimpanzee. Having come from a research facility, his life at the Waystation is greatly different than his beginnings. Today, he peacefully lives with a family of three females and three males. It would appear from his painting that this gentlemanly chimp greatly enjoys blue skies and green trees





Shasha was born in captivity in 1999 and celebrating her 18th birthday in November 2017. Rejected by her mother, Shasha was raised from infancy by Wildlife Waystation Founder, Martine Colette. A sophisticated & intelligent chimp – she truly enjoys painting. Despite her young age Shasha is the matriarch of her family group


Ordering Information

To order one or more of these amazing prints, just email or call.

The artwork will include a bio and picture of the artist. Do note that the art is not framed. They are prints and not on canvas. The last date to receive your order before Christmas is Monday, December 18th. All items are mailed via USPS without tracking or insurance. We are not responsible if items arrive after Christmas. 


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There are opportunities to attend or book a private gathering in the sanctuary garden of our founder, Martine Colette. For detailed information, please call (818) 899-5201