Lions in LA

Lions in LA

One of our highly dedicated board members, Andrea Kelley, is a 10-year entertainment industry veteran, currently a production manager for MTP, Inc at YouTube Originals, and animal welfare advocate.  She narrates a 7 min video which describes in vivid detail some of the stories of our animals, 

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Meet Andrea

Andrea grew up spending her summers volunteering at Wildlife Waystation.

During her volunteering days, she learned not only about personalities and behavior of the animals at our facility, but she was involved in many aspects of how to run a sanctuary, including cage design and maintenance, cleaning, and animal enrichment.  She was also involved with outreach and educational programs.




Andrea was interviewed previously by The Daily Biscuit where she explained in detail her feelings on being involved with Wildlife Waystation and her dedication to animals everywhere.  Please download a copy of the interview here:   Andrea Kelley Discusses the Wildlife Waystation _ Rescue Dogs The Movie.pdf

If you have any questions for Andrea, please send her an email through our site:  Email Andrea