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Welcome to our Kids Korner! This is a great way to encourage your child to be a young philanthropist! Every child, scout troop, class or school, who raises money or does something else, like making toys for our animals, will receive a certificate and be featured on our website. Some kids even sponsor an animal for a year, which can be renewed.

Please read the stories of how these kid’s generosity helped our animals.

And, parents, if your child has a favorite animal, please consider sponsoring an animal as a unique birthday gift. Your child will receive a certificate, photo and information about “their” animal.

Sunland Magnet Elementary School Does It Again!

Three years ago, Kathy Barneck, a teacher at Sunland Magnet Elementary School, visited our Kids Korner and read about another school that had raised money to sponsor an animal. She was so moved that she challenged her third graders to get involved.

Every year since then they have sold bookmarks to raise funds to sponsor Bolero. The bookmarks are sold before and after school and all the classes take home envelopes and are encouraged to bring in donations from family and friends. Aided by other teachers, Raelene Rodi, Monica Hunt and Brian Takara, it is such a popular project that the kids coming into the third grade can’t wait to fundraise and other students race to buy the popular bookmarks. Ms. Barneck says: “It has become a Sunland tradition!”

This year the kids raised an amazing $1,630!

Great Job Kids - you are awesome! Congratulations & Roarrrs of Thanks!

Your friend,


Abraham speaks for the animals!

Abraham is a 6th grader at Santa Susana Elementary School in Simi Valley. With his interest and love of animals, Abraham created a large poster of Wildlife Waystation animals for a presentation to his classmates. He looks quite proud and we are too.

Thanks, Abraham!


Endangerment Awareness Fundraiser

We want to send a special thanks to teacher Lillian Degroof & her 2nd grade class of Willard Elementary School in Pasadena – they managed to raise $450.00 for the Wildlife Waystation doing a fundraising event about “Endangerment Awareness”! Outstanding job, everyone, you should be very proud of yourselves!

ROARRRRS of thanks!


Spencer's birthday helps the animals!

Hey kids, if you’d like to help our critters you can do what Spencer did, he decided to donate the money he received for his birthday to the Wildlife Waystation! How cool is that?!! We think he’s AWESOME!

Thanks, Spencer!


Kids fundraise to sponsor "Bolero" the African Lion!

Please join us in congratulating teacher Kathy Barneck & Raelene Rodi at Sunland Magnet School and their 3rd grade class for their ingenuity by making bookmarks to sell so that they could sponsor one of our African lions, Bolero – they managed to raise over $600.00, that’s phenomenal!!!

Thank you so much, you all ROCK!!!


Nolan's allowance helps the animals!

This is Nolan, a very enthusiastic animal lover and future volunteer here at the Wildlife Waystation! Nolan decided to donate his hard-earned allowance to help our animals, and would like to challenge other kids to do the same! A great big shout-out of thanks to Nolan and his wonderful parents, their generosity is heartfelt!

Thanks, Nolan!


Jordan's birthday helps the animals!

Jordan Podell, passed on getting birthday presents to collect donations for our animals. He raised enough money to become a sponsor of Kasane, the Waystation’s only hyena.

Thanks, Jordan!

Sonja earns a scout badge!

Sonja chose the Waystation to earn a scout badge. Her project was to make toys for our exotic birds. Sonja presented 30 toys at a Waystation Ranger meeting and got to meet some of our birds.

Thanks, Sonja!

Ladero Elementary School Sponsors a Leopard!

Lader Elementary School's mascot is a leopard and one of their teachers, Megan Sommers, who is a supporter of the Waystation, suggested the students might want to sponsor a real leopard from the Waystation.

They sent home flyers announcing their "First Annual" Leopard Sponsorship Drive and in one week they raised $500.00 to sponsor "Dasha"! Every class received their own certificate with a photo of "their" leopard!

Roaarrs of Thanks Kids!

Jace's Challange has helped!

This is Jace, a very talented & enterprising young lady that set up a lemonade stand for the Wildlife Waystation and collected $150+ for our incredible animals! Way to go, Jace! 

She would like to challenge all you other kids that are fans of the Wildlife Waystation to come up with some really cool ideas (like a garage sale, recycling, carwash etc.) to see if you can raise as much money as she did to help all of our critters, too!

Roaarrs of Thanks Jace!