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Physical Characteristics

A liger is the result of breeding a male lion to a tigress, looking more like a lion with faint tiger stripes. They have the roar of a lion but can also chuff like a tiger. Male hybrids can lose what is called a growth inhibitor gene and can get to be twice the size of either parent. They are the biggest cats on record.

Habitat & Diet

They only exist in captivity, because the two don’t even live on the same continents in the wild. They are true carnivores, existing on red meat.

Social Behavior

Ligers are social animals, tending to lean more towards their pride tendencies like lions, instead of the solitary nature of the tiger.


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Fascinating Facts

    • Ligers are a man-made animal, and do not exist in the wild, only in captivity.
    • Males tend to be sterile, yet females are fertile.

Status In The Wild

Since they are a man-made animal, they do not exist in the wild.

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