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Physical Characteristics

Coatis can look peculiar if you’ve never seen one before. They are around 2 feet long, not counting their tail, which can be twice as long as their bodies. These long tails are used for balance and signaling other coatis in tall grass. They are part of the raccoon family and share several similar physical traits with raccoons, including dark rings around their tails. Their fur is usually a mix of grey or dark brown.

Habitat & Diet

Coatis live from the lower reaches of the American Southwest down into South American rainforests. Coatis can live in grasslands, rainforests and even arid plains, thanks to their versatile diet of invertebrates, fruit, lizards and various eggs. Their powerful snouts allow them to sniff out any food that might be hiding underground and their powerful paws are suitable for digging.

Social Behavior

Females and juveniles will travel in loosely organized troops up to roughly 25 individuals. They will hold their tails upright so the group doesn’t get separated. After reaching the age of two, males will go off to live a solitary life, only rejoining with troops during mating season.


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Fascinating Facts

    • Coatis, like their cousin the raccoon, have double-jointed ankles that let them turn their ankles 180 degrees. This allows coatis to climb down trees headfirst!

Status In The Wild

Coatis are classified as Least Concern, however there is some concern among conservationists that unregulated hunting of the species, the demand for them as exotic pets and the encroachment of humans on their natural habitat may be having drastic effects on the species in certain areas of their range. In the wild, the coatiā€™s average life span is about 8 years, while in captivity they average 15 years.

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