02 - Sanctuary


"a place of refuge or safety"
Our reason for being is to provide refuge and safety to wild and exotic animals who have been mistreated, or were unwanted

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04 - 40th

Happy 40th Anniversary!

40 years is a long time saving wildlife. Click below to learn more about our journey

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05 - Coexist


Education, compassion and understanding are keys
to co-exist with wildlife around you

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10 - Fire

Sand Fire Forces Evacuation

The July 2016 Sand Fire forced an evacuation of most of our animals. Please click on the button to learn what we went through.


The Wildlife Waystation is a 160-acre private animal sanctuary located in the Angeles National Forest just north of Los Angeles, California. We are home to over 400 wild and exotic animals comprising over 125 different species. Our dedicated staff and volunteers are devoted to providing a place of refuge, healing and safety for animals in need. Our sanctuary is supported solely by the generous donations of individuals and foundations worldwide.